Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In the Dark

I had been looking forward to the new midweek cop drama on BBC 1 for some time. That needs to be put in context. First, anything new and more interesting than the national weather forecast was ringed on my calendar during the wall-to-wall onslaught that is the BBC's coverage of Wimbledon. On the other hand, I like Mark Billingham's novels - I am currently reading one, as a matter of fact - and I have long been keen to see what MyAnna Buring can do outside the corsets and wigs and over-cooked dialogue of Ripper Street.

So ... a slam dunk winner then, surely? God no - it was dreary old tosh. The script, by the slightly overrated Danny Brocklehurst, was functional at best. The lack of pace on the page was faithfully reproduced on the screen. I don't know who directed it but whoever it was needs to binge-watch Lethal Weapon (the TV series) to see just what can be achieved with a thinnish premise. The casting, other than Ms Buring, was the usual rent-a-prole that TV in general adheres to in dramas northern. Basically, anyone who can talk down their nose and, in women, can diet down to heroin skank proportions.

It only lasted 52 minutes. It seemed much longer. I was so detached, I'm not really sure what the inciting crime was supposed to be. I got the message that Buring's character was pregnant, but that could have been via the endless trailers over preceding weeks. If that's the only twist on offer, In the Dark can stay there as far as I'm concerned.

Now that Lethal Weapon has ended its run, thank goodness for Walter Presents and the upcoming new thriller from Jane Campion, the successor to her magnificent Top of the Lake with Elizabeth Moss.

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