Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New header

Decided to change the image that tops this blog. I read in The Times obituaries this morning that Martin Froy died back in January. Froy, who was ninety years old, had a long career in art and was always well known without hitting the heights. One work that received great attention at the time (1953) was his mural for the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. That is the new image:

The reason I chose it was that I used to work at the Belgrade back in the Eighties. I think it was the job I enjoyed most in my short but colourful theatrical career. I really liked the building, too.

If anyone is wondering why a theatre in Coventry is called the Belgrade, it is that the great Serbian city donated the timber for the building which was part of the massive postwar reconstruction of the city after the murderous German bombing in the war. Back in the Fifties and Sixties the Belgrade was at the forefront of the kitchen sink drama movement, premiering plays by the likes of Arnold Wesker. Nowadays, sadly, it sticks to musicals, touring shows and general dross.

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