Friday, April 28, 2017

Broadchurch Season 3

I just finished binge-watching the third and final season of Broadchurch on ITV1.

Everyone loved Broadchurch season 1. I reviewed it in effulgent terms on this blog. Nobody much liked season 2, and I certainly didn't. Season 3, however, was back on form. Indeed, I consider it to be the best of the three, largely thanks to a stunning performance from the magnificent Julie Hesmondhaugh as the victim.

It's a rape story, not a murder, and the victim is a middleaged woman, a daring and incredibly powerful twist. Trish has a teenaged daughter, an estranged husband, and friends and contacts throughout the community. Morever it necessitated an entirely different investigatory technique from the Robin and Marian of Wessex Police, Hardy and Miller (David Tennant and Olivia Coleman). Hardy had to be on his best behaviour with Trish whereas Miller could ask the awkward questions, of which there turned out to be many.

As it happens, I guessed early on who did it, though I was unclear about the exact arrangement until Episode 7. It didn't matter at all. As in all three series, absolutely everyone is a suspect - including the legend that is Sir Lenny Henry and the human teddy bear that is Charlie Higson (both of whom were on top form). Linking series 3 with 1 and 2 was a rather clumsy, often toe-curling, storyline about the parents of the original child victim. Mum (Jodie Whittaker) had a proper role in the rape storyline but poor old Dad (Andrew Buchan) was marooned in some improbable search for truth.

Notwithstanding the odd clunk, this was an appropriate and impressive end to a landmark trilogy. Writer/Producer Chris Chibnall now takes up the reins of Doctor Who. Hopes are high.