Thursday, October 28, 2010

More recent TV drama

Sky's first Thorne dramatisation was exceptionally well done. Is it a mistake to follow it immediately with the second? We will see.

ITV's second Whitechapel was drivel, senselessly marooned in what was a good idea first time round but was now silly. "The legend says the Krays will return." No it doesn't. The only highlight was some brilliant 'twin' work. I often recoil at the token woman in cop shows but, by God, one was sorely needed here.

Third series of Fringe is much better than the second. The two Olivia's permits two contrasting storylines. Lost rip-off The Event is dismal - I lost interest in Act Two of the pilot. Perhaps the most disappointing for me was the US epic dramatisation of Follett's historical novel Pillars of Heaven (C4) - a lesson for younger folk on how bad historical drama used to be done circa 1965.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Writers' Guild UK - radio drama nominations

The nominees for the WGGB best radio drama are...

Forty-Three, Fifty-Nine -- Wake, by Katie Hims, Number 10 (Jeremy Myerson) and Bad Faith (Peter Jukes). Only the Hims is an original single drama.


Friday, October 08, 2010

I should take up forecasting for a living

The Tinniswood Award went to Ivan and the Dogs, by Hattie Naylor, the Imison to The Road Wife by Eoin MacNamee. So that's me right on both counts, then (see August posting on same subject. How predictable, how depressing.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Recent TV drama

A few thoughts on recent UK TV drama... Inspector Stone, distinctly average. Unfortunately for me, the novel they have chosen to dramatise first is coincidentally the only one I have read. The solution is and always was bleeding obvious. Quality production, though. The new series of Spooks is the best yet - episode 2 was brilliantly written. I was dreading Downton Abbey but it turns out to be very good indeed (bad news for the BBC's forthcoming revival of Upstairs, Downstairs?) But the hightlight, by a country mile and then some, was This is England '86. Everything that Channel 4 drama should be. Flawless in every respect. I am now busily amassing a personal collection of the works of Shane Meadows.