Saturday, November 14, 2009


ITV ran Anthony Horowitz's car-crash drama in the 9pm peaktime slot Monday to Friday this week. And, against all expectations, it worked pretty well.

What I really liked was the pay-off, the revelation of how all this physical and emotional trauma came about. Torchwood, for example, blew a similar big question with some computer blah-blah. Collision, however, took the butterfly-flap-its-wings-on-the-other-side-of-the-world option - one driver trying to swat a wasp - laid clues from the outset and gleefully twisted it by misdirecting us into a paedophile red herring. Brilliant and credible.

The other bonus was the use of performers outside the usual ITV casting subset of the 35 British-based working actors not currently or recently in crap soaps. Great to see Mick Ford again after all these years. Likewise Jan Francis, though her story strand was less successful.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Prix Italia 2009

The radio drama award went to Mathieu Farbolet's Farben from France Culture (SRF), directed by Margarite Gateau, described as:

"A fascinating radiophonic exploration on the themes of anti-semitism, feminism, the ethics of scientific exploration and their disastrous unexpected consequences, set in an historical context of 19th and 20th Century Europe. Outstanding performances and direction combined with wonderful sound design make this work achieve its fullest potential even to the extent of the feeling that the sound entered the pores like the sulphur gas that is at the heart of the play."

The sound, incidentally, was by Philippe Bredin and Clotilde Thomas.

The best adapted drama was from Germany's ARD - My Body in Nine Parts, adapted from his own prose text by Raymond Federman.

The BBC's Criminal Justice was the best TV drama series/serial.

(Tell you what won't be winning in 2010 - Tony Marchant's po-faced Garrow's Law: Tales from the Old Bailey, which debuted on BBC1 last night. For starters, could it have a more clunking title? OK, this is unfamiliar territory for many and needs setting up for most, but it was writing by numbers and acting with the handbrake on. It might develop but it's got a long way to go with just 3 eps remaining.)