Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lost in Austen

This four-part ITV timeslip drama by Guy Andrews is by far the best thing currently on the box. Not only is the script very clever and perfectly judged tonally, but the cast is without exception superb. Jemima Roper is one of my favourite young actresses anyway, but I hadn't come across Elliot Cowan (D'Arcy) before. It's great to see Hugh Bonneville in a challenging part (Mr Bennett) after the awful career clanger that was Bonekickers; Alex Kingston is a revelation as Mrs Bennett and Guy Henry (below), who again I hadn't noticed before, is astonishingly good as the odious Collins. A Dickens adaptation without him will be unthinkable hereafter.
The fact that we know nothing of Elizabeth Bennett, who had swapped lives with Amanda (Roper) is surely an indication of what's in Series II.